General Information
  • Boat rentals run seven days a week from  8-5:00 PM

  • Reservations are for the full day only

  • No refunds for bad weather

  • 10 days prior to reservation cancelation policy

  • Tubes are not allowed to be pulled behind any of the boats

  • Call (435)889-3795 to make a reservation

  • Mail payments to 

         2675 N Cedar Springs Road​​​

         Dutch John, Utah 84023

  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted

  •  If you choose to pay for your reservation with a card a non refundable processing fee will be added to the price of the boat rental

Covid-19 Boat Rental Guidelines

  • One person may come down to the marina to complete check out of the boat rental

  • Once checkout is complete the rest of your party may come down

  • We are happy to provide life jackets, but if you have your own we recommend that you bring them with you (ours are communal)

  • Each boat is disinfected after every rental

  • Mask are encouraged, but not required when interacting with marina staff and other patrons

Prior to date of arrival for boat rental please watch the boat rental informational video located at the bottom of this page.

25' Party Barge's


3hr                             $200

6hr                             $250

Day                            $280

30' Party Barge


3hr                             $240

6hr                             $290

Day                            $320


8 people

No pets allowed


3hr                             $315

6hr                             $365

Day                            $395

Ski Ray 


3hr                             $260

6hr                             $310

Day                            $360

6 people

Pets allowed



3hr                             $395

6hr                             $445

Day                            $495

6 people

No Pets

SUPs & Kayaks

Tandem KAYAK.jpg

Single Kayak &

Paddle Boards

3hr                             $30

6hr                             $50

Day                            $65

Tandem Kayak

3hr                             $50

6hr                             $70

Day                            $85

Boat Rental Prices

25' Party Barge

30' Party Barge


Ski Ray Ski Boat


3hr                           $200

6hr                           $250

Day                          $280

10 person max

Pets allowed


3hr                           $240

6hr                           $290

Day                          $320

12 person max

Pets allowed


3hr                           $315

6hr                           $365

Day                          $395

8 person max

No pets allowed


3hr                           $260

6hr                           $310

Day                          $360

Ski Equipment       $  30

6 person max

Pets allowed

Tahoe Ski Boat

Single Kayaks & Paddle Boards

Tandem Kayaks


3hr                           $395

6hr                           $445

Day                          $495

Ski Package.           $  30

Fishing Package     $  50

6 person max

No pets 


3hr                           $30

6hr                           $50

Day                          $65

Paddle boards and kayaks may not be transported by road. Equipment must leave from marina and return by water.


3hr                           $50

6hr                           $70

Day                          $85

Paddle boards and kayaks may not be transported by road. They must leave and return to the marina by water.

Boat Rental Informational Video

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